Introducing Lloyd the Droid!

Look - it's me!

Hi there! Welcome to my first post on the official blog for the Curtis – a DoubleTree by Hilton! The folks here at the Curtis, of course, pride themselves on the hotel’s distinctive retro flair. The various throwbacks throughout the hotel — including a fully-stocked “Five and Dime” shop, retro cartoons playing in the lobby, and that snazzy wooden paneling, to name a few — certainly give the place character and a killer vibe. However, being the superior high-tech creature that I am, I persuaded them to dive into the 21st century with a blog, and lo and behold, they’re even letting me man the helm!

Even aside from my technological savvy, I’m the perfect droid for the job, as I have an inside look at all of the goings-on here at the Curtis. From the delicious food being dreamed up in the banquet and Corner Office kitchens, to the cool packages and amenities we offer our guests, and even the fun internal events put on by the associates — I see it all. In addition, my post here in the heart of the Mile-High City gives me the inside track on all things Downtown Denver. And let me tell you: There is plenty to report!

I look forward to the chance to “Say Anything” to all of you, and hope that you’ll get in on the conversation by commenting below. What would you like to know about the Curtis? Need recommendations for things to do in Colorado or Downtown Denver? The sky’s the limit, and I’m always open to content suggestions! Otherwise, just check back often for new posts, and I’ll be here to give you an exclusive glance into Denver’s hottest property.

Thanks for stopping by, and as the folks here at the Curtis like to say: “Stay Happy!”

About Lloyd the Droid

Hi, my name is Lloyd, and I'm the official spokesrobot for the Curtis - a DoubleTree by Hilton!
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  1. Lien says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Lien

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